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Feb 162017

Did you guys check out the Super moon phenomenon that occurred a few months back? It was the rare occurrence, when the distance between the earth and moon is at its least and the moon appears to be bigger, and shines more brightly than ever. If you did see it, you would have been astounded by its beauty. Now imagine, if you could capture that beauty on a canvas! Imagine if you had the talent to capture the natural beauty around us, through any form of art, onto a blank canvas or as a beautiful sculpture. Before you scoff and say “Me? Please!”, let me tell you – It is possible! Art is not the mysterious, unreachable skill that you think it is. With the right training and practice, each one of us can awaken the artist in us.

India has always been a land well-known for its rich and diverse art forms. The pottery and sculpture from Harappa and Mohenjadaro civilizations, the well-preserved cave paintings at Ajanta and Ellora, the intricate and miniature Mughal paintings, and many more precious artifacts from our previous generations stand proof that art in all forms has always been an integral part of our culture. Art was a part of everyday life – either as a livelihood or as a skill that nearly every family nurtured. Most families had an artist or sculptor or potter or musician or dancer.

However, today, it is sad to see that ART IS MISSING from many of our lives. People largely enjoy viewing art, but refrain from learning it themselves. There is an inhibition; that perhaps I am not good enough or I am not creatively inclined or I simply don’t have the time or I am too old to start now.

As kids we loved to play with paints and clay - applying different colours on our fingers and dabbing them on a sheet of paper or creating our very own species of animals with clay. So it won’t be wrong to say that each one of us has an artist hidden within us. Some of us identify this passion for art and nurture it, while others slowly forget their love for art with time.

Art does not see any particular age or gender. It just asks for passion and perseverance.


A few places to start would be:

Drawing & Painting -


Now this can’t be too hard – spend a few minutes every day simply sketching – doodling even – but let your mind run free on paper. Somehow over time, drawing classes have got branded as ‘for kids only’. This ideology needs to be broken. Adults can begin learning to draw at any age, without any prior experience. Be it the traditional Tanjore Paintings, landscapes or portraits or modern abstract art – with sufficient practice, one can create artworks that are worth framing and preserving.

Clay crafting 


Get your hands dirty with clay – its fun! Learning the basics of pottery is easy and you can create simple pots and bowls. They look great as home decor and more importantly, they are your signature style. Definitely worth it.

Photography - We all love our selfies, snap chats and instagram updates – why not take it to the next level? There is more to photography than just point and shoot. How about learning the basics of photography and clicking pictures the right way? This art can help you capture all your events, travel, hobbies, food, family and candid moments in their true brilliance.

The list is endless and we would like to keep updating it in the coming days. We would love to hear from you as well. Tell us how you would like to bring art back into your life. Follow us to know more and leave your feedback.


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